Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cyclicbarrier for C++ multi-threaded programs

Java has very good concurrency support and a very good library providing useful classes for multi-threaded programming. One such class is CyclicBarrier.
From Javadoc, CyclicBarrier is:
A synchronization aid that allows a set of threads to all wait for each other to reach a common barrier point. CyclicBarriers are useful in programs involving a fixed sized party of threads that must occasionally wait for each other. The barrier is called cyclic because it can be re-used after the waiting threads are released. 

C++ standard library lacks this utility. This is not a problem anyway as pthread_barrier routines (pthread_barrier_wait, pthread_barrier_init etc.) exactly do the same and we may always use pthread library for multi-threaded programming in C++ and Pthread library provides much more control on how we use the threads. But C++11 has multi-threading built into the language (and on Linux platform G++ internally uses Pthreads only) and so it would have been nice if a cyclicbarrier like construct was part of C++ library itself.

So, I spent some time building a library that provides silmilar functionality as the Java CyclicBarrier class. which is accessible at github. There is an example program demonstrating how to use it. May be you like to use it.

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